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Saturday or Sunday 100K events

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By obmal - Posted on 10 February 2012

61% (60 votes)
29% (28 votes)
1% (1 vote)
9% (9 votes)
Total votes: 98
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the drive home, unpack, bed then straight to work thing.
I'd rather stay and have some beers and relax, then set off home the next morning.

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I normally take the day off after so since most are now on a Saturday I'll take the Friday off before. That means I can just take it easy packing, getting there etc.

For the CP I'm driving down Friday and plan to drive back Saturday arvo.

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I like the monday 'recover on work time', rather than hang out on the couch recover on family time Sunday. (that's ignore the family race day)

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I don't work fridays so Saturday is perfect for me. Especially if the event falls on the weekend before nightshift, finish Thursday arvo, then no work until Monday night.

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Prefere Sat's, nothing worse than having to unpack on a Sunday night. After Willo last year, I was so broken even walking upstairs was a problem and then had to ride to work the next morning.

CP this year is good, race the MTB and then stay up late on Sat night to watch Cavendish race Milan - San Remo. I always stay in ACT an extra night for CP as I have some friends down there and catchup with them.

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I prefer to be able to take a relaxing drive to the event on a Saturday, check in to accommodation, spanner check & lube bike then relax.

Sunday after the ride is all about whinging on the way home about how I should have beaten Gordo but was 2 hours slower because of that kebab I ate the other day or slipping chain or ....

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What had worked well for me for Convict this year is that my Uni schedule gave me Easter every weekend (Ie, Friday and Monday off) so either way I had at least a day either side. But for those who it's straight back to work for on Monday, I think Saturday is much better so Sunday can be relaxed with.

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