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Anderson/Oaks Firetrails

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By digger - Posted on 13 February 2012

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

A group of 8 riders from Newcastle have planned to ride the Anderson/Oaks trails on Sat 25 Feb. The plan is to travel down on the Friday Arvo (24 Feb), ride at Lake Parramatta in the early eve, stay overnight at Penrith, have a few beers then do the Blue Mountains ride on the Saturday.
It has been a long time since Ive ridden these trails and have little idea what to expect as far as condition in this very crappy weather. I have had a look on the site and it looks like most stuff has been canceled over the past few weeks. Also checked the NPWS website which indicates that the causeway is closed. Im assuming that means there is no way through. The plan is to park at the station and end up back there at the conclusion of the ride.
Can someone who rides the trails regularly give me the heads up.

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I'm sure we'll be able to fill you in as you th 25th draws closer. Bit hard to say right now as the weather is pretty unpredictable at the moment.

Keep an eye on the BMORC bash thread here - as we will also be watching the weather.

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My understanding is that riding Lake Parramatta is no longer allowed and you can be fined for doing so. Yes another trail off limits.

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Lake Parramatta due to all the objectives to the proposals has been overturned and is allowed MTB access.

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We rode the Oaks on Sunday and it was in great nic, the rain has washed away all the lose skittery stuff and left it firm and clean, Dead Mans and Suicide were back to the nasty best fast and sphincter clenching fun from a few years ago, did not do the single track as it would have been just too wet and would have chopped it up for no reason so cant comment. the causeway was chamois deep and cold. The 25th is a long time away and these tracks clear water really well, so unless we have another week like last week you should be ok, the big risk will be getting to the bottom of Andos and no way across Bedford creek then faced with nice push back Ingra’s to finish the day

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We did oakes, up and down today.

Track was good.

Causeway was open.

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