You are hereHave you done any volunteer trail care so far for this year?

Have you done any volunteer trail care so far for this year?

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By ChopStiR - Posted on 13 April 2012

35% (17 votes)
65% (31 votes)
Total votes: 48
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Hmmm, the no dig no ride is looking dead Sad

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Maybe I'm dreaming, but if every rider just did ONE morning per year our tracks would be in much better condition. I really don't think that's asking too much.

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I am hearing you fella's-yep if everyone did 1 morning of trailwork it would be sweet.

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That's the same message I'm trying to get out there!

You could still have working groups of 10+ if people did their one day.

Isn't there something about 5% of riding time being allocated to track maintenance?

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Of course, you even have to look at the poll results so far knowing that a lot of NobMob readers are interested in trail maintenance. The general rider population would show less trail volunteers.

I met a pair of riders at Yellomundee a few weeks back, who when asked had they seen the two signs and bunting that closed off that area - just looked a bit sheepish. They would have had to limbo under the two sets of bunting, carry their bikes across the creek with missing bridge, walk through a few bogs etc, to get where I saw them. They had not heard of the NobMob or WSMTB sites.

Keep talking to these people please! (politely of course)

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or maybe it's just an indication of where we live. I don't know of one trail on THE NORTHERN BEACHES where we are allowed to do spade work. Please correct me if I am wrong.

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There simply is nowhere near me where I would be allowed to perform any trail maintenance even though I am chaffing at the bit to do so. Yes, I know that I could go elsewhere where they do hold maintenance days but it's difficult enough to find time to ride some of those great trails (many of which I have not), let alone spend a day maintaining them. Instead, I'm firm believer that we should each maintain our local trails which then allows those from outside the area to come and enjoy them and vice-versa.

Unfortunately our local land owners/managers don't allow or seem to be in any great hurry to facilitate this. I appreciate that some people are working very hard to change the situation and kudos to you. In the meantime, the few trails that we do have are simply falling apart and those that we used to have are now off limits because they have fallen apart already.

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Here's an opportunity to help out at your nearest XC race venue - ie Yellomundee Regional Park (it's only 55 minutes from Lindfield, the same time as getting to Ourimbah):

WSMTB is holding a Track Work morning from 8.30am on Saturday 12 May. Meet at the usual gate. Wear long trousers, boots, long sleave shirt. Bring shovel, fire rake, whipper snipper, cutters, wheelbarrow, spade etc. We will be checking the track, clearing edges, AND repairing the entrance driveway with some road base etc.

Followed by BBQ provided by WSMTB and maybe a ride.

See and our FB page for any last minute weather updates. Email me at if you can come.

All welcome - see you there.

Ray Rice

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