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Commuting (Frenchs Forest to City)

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By Horner - Posted on 05 May 2012

Does anyone have suggestions on a route from Frenchs Forest to Town Hall by MTB that has the minimum chance of death?

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Drive to Roseville with the bike in the boot. Park, get bike out and ride to station. Lock bike to pole and catch train to Town Hall.

HTH Laughing out loud

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thanks for the great advice

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Roseville bridge on the road, even in the morning is suicide... probably OK on the way down as you'd crack over 80 but as soon as you head uphill you're going to slow down with cars doing 90-100 all around you. You can take the foot path then when you get to the other side of the bridge theres a path under the bridge that then takes you via some local streets up to Easter Valley Way.

That's your next problem though; Eastern Valley Way or Penthurst Street are your options and they would both be a bit of a nightmare to ride.

I suppose your other option would be to take Wahehurst Parkway to Seaforth then take the standard route people ride if they are going in from Manly?

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Here is my commute from Forestville. I use the footpath down the Roseville bridge and then onto the side road (from under the bridge) then it snakes through the back of Willoughby and onto the bike path next to the Gore Hill freeway. It's mostly back roads and bike paths so it's not really the most direct route .. but I'm with you .... trying to minimise the chance of death !

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You're welcome, Horner. I'm here to help. Laughing out loud

Ride the motorcycle if you want thrillz on the way to work, and bust out the mtb when you get home. Eye-wink

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It's not that dangerous. Sticking out tongue Yes i've had some incidents but a sensible approach and avoiding congested roads and certain intersections goes a long way to removing the risk. Back routes are much nicer!

I ride a couple of days a week from near Frenchs Forest East and there are numerous options.

I'm up the coast atm but can send you Strava links showing route options when i get back. PM me. Smiling

Tks for the Roseville Bridge link - I used to go that way to Rhodes and i miss the climbing since moving work to the city

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You can travel via Wakehurst, Seaforth and Mosman - the Wakehurst section is crappy but there is a firetrail adjacent which you can ride if on a mtb. Once over the Spit there are lots of cummuters and the back roads of Mosman are not that bad. The Roseville bridge route is around 2km shorter than the Spit/Wakehurst if you live around the Forestway shops but my preference would be for the Wakehurst route. Some of the guys also go through Cremorne which have a few steep climbs.

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Thanks for the feedback, gives me a number of routes. Cheers

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Here's one I did ages ago when I rode more!

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Roseville Bridge throught the back of the industrial estate where the new Bunnings is...onto the cycleway along HighSt...then along Alpha to Northbridge...onto Cammeray and then the freeway.

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