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Draft Pittwater Open Space and Recreation Strategy

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By Justin - Posted on 26 May 2012

Just received the following message from Pittwater council:

Pittwater Council is preparing an Open Space and Recreation Strategy which may of interest to your club or association and members.

The strategy will help Council manage its reserves and parks in terms of conservation, leisure and sporting activities. An important part of the project is to understand how Pittwater residents use open space, what they value about it and what can be done to improve it. Council is inviting residents to complete a survey to help them with this process.

Pittwater is unique due to its range of landscape settings - from beaches, waterways, wetlands, escarpments to developed sports grounds and villages. As Pittwater's custodians, a key component of the project will be the protection and enhancement of the natural environment. We will also be looking at how to provide a diverse range of recreational opportunities for people of all ages and abilities appropriate to the natural environment.

With this in mind, the survey focuses on landscape settings. Please take time to consider the landscape settings and their importance, taking into account of your needs, as well as the needs of the community as a whole.

The survey can be accessed at:

The closing date for the survey is 22 June 2012.

Once the surveys have been received and collated, Council will organise a community workshop to discuss the results and their influence on the planning process.

Residents completing the survey can enter a draw to win a dinner voucher for $150 at a restaurant of their choice.

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Mountain bikes don;t seem to figure much in their thinking with that survey. I took the opportunity to point out the omission, and in the general comments section at the end, about facilities that I visited that were inspiring, added the following:

Awaba Montain Bike Park, OUrimbah Mountain Bike Park, Kowen State Forest mountain bike trails, Rotorua mountain bike trails.

Rotorua's mountain cycling trails now attract more tourism money from than the famed hot springs, and the federal NZ government has committed NZD50mil to developing trail networks according to a recent Australian Financial Review article..

Single-track mountain bike (off-road cycling) trails are significantly cheaper to construct and maintain than nearly any other sporting facility, and have demonstrated in many other locations in Australia a much lower per-visitation cost than the sports fields and other sports facilites currently funded by Pittwater Council. Where the exceptionally high rates of volunteerism among the mountain bike community are incorporated into the management plan, a strong sense of community ownership is created, improving the quality of the experience for users and reducing the financial and management burden on Council.

Pittwater has many outstanding natural locations that could be joined together to create a trail nework of world renown.

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