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XCM Rankings

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By Antsonline - Posted on 04 July 2012

So - with 4 races down (Wombat, Cap Pun, Convict and Husky) and 2 to go (Woolombi and Fling) the rankings are really starting to take shape and make interesting reading.

Remember - its your best 3 results that count, and also that there are 25% more points on offer at the Fling. Its going to get VERY tight.

BTW - how many nobmobbers are listed there in the top 20 on the first page? Great work - Dicko, PS, Brian, Tate and 'Anthem X1 Girl'.

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I didn't realize the Fling had more on offer. Is this because there more riders.

PS. Dave O'Connell (doc) is a nobmober as well Smiling

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Yeah it's great to see. There's been some really hard yards put in this year so it's great to see the dividends. Wish I was up there mixing it with you guys but having a cruisey/pie eating riding year this year instead. Maybe next year?

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I should also add the 3 nobmobers are coming second in their categories. Wayne (Dicko) second in Veteran Mens, Paul (ps) second in Masters Mens and me second in Sub Veterans Mens.

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Oh man - I'm dragging the chain a bit with 4th!
Anthem X1 Girl is leading her catagory too (Elite Women)....

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Anthem X1 girl is in a category all of her own. Totally blitzing the competition.

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So what's the prediction for where you will end up after all 6 races? Ant has put it out there that he is aiming for top 5 overall, I think I will be 3rd in masters and somewhere between 25 and 35 overall.
Looks like the elite guys are keener at doing lots of events!

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If I'm in the top 10 of my category I'll be happy. There are quite a few fast guys sitting on 2 races so I imagine the Fling will cause a big shuffle.

Last year I was 18th in my category and 54th overall.

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They've sorted out the 50's Rankings

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if I'm running 8th Smiling

I think they are relying on people activating their results, so anyone that's been on there and claimed results from their events is doing OK. I'm sure I'll drift down the leader board as that happens more...

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For some reason the Husky results have dropped off and you need to reclaim them against your name on cyclenation

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