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Saturday Menai Explorer

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By Rob - Posted on 07 December 2007

Saturday, 8 December, 2007 - 09:00
3 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
If it's raining, I won't be there.
Ride Database Entry: 
Menai (Lucas Heights)
Meeting Point: 

In the carpark of the large building with at the West end of Allies Rd (junction with Old Illawarra Rd). Anyone know what this building is, BTW?

-34.036071,151.006941 (Old Illawarra & Allies Rd)

Have to go down South again on Saturday so why not explore Menai while there?

Found a few MB activities that may help us find our way, take a look at these:

This last one in particular sounds promising - will put that in the Edge so we can follow it - this is what decided the meeting point.

See you there!

Who's in?
Rob, Little-Ditty, nickz
Rob Little-Ditty nickz
What Happened?

Were you there and have a story to tell?

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petulance's picture

Not all of us get to ride on weekdays!

Sticking out tongue

Not sure where the large building is, my group started from the Lucas Heights Community School when I rode Menai.

Actually ... the address of the Community school is 132 Old Illaware Road, near the corder of Allies Road. So maybe the large building is part of the school?

If memory serves me right, we rode from the school across the oval and then crossed New Illawara Road to get closer to the nuclear reactor.

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OOops - no, it's Saturday Eye-wink

Couple of the profiles found show rides from this junction through what looks like some sniggle to the road, cross that looks like where the 'main event' takes place.

petulance's picture

I hope Dave Noble doesn't mind me posting a link, but there are some pics of Menai rides on his webpage

I couldn't find any with North Shore style boards / ramps but there were definitely some the last time I was there.

Rob's picture

You mean like this (from MenaiNov07):


petulance's picture

I was only looking at the '06 rides with my mugs in them.

Gilbo's picture

looks like a great spot, especially with the northshore bits. would love to join but am away in Melb Sad

nickz's picture

I've got Saturday off, so I'll be there . I haven't ridden Menai/Lucai Heights in years. I hope it doesn't rain in the morning. I'll be driving a silver Lantra and a black Yeti AS-X .

Little-Ditty's picture

Can't wait for this!! Smiling

Rob's picture

Oh dear... I hate to point this out, but there is a huge storm heading towards Sydney right now. Given the dodgy weather please check back here in the morning.

Hopefully we'll get to post a, "Weather's fine - we're off" comment - but you never know!

Nik's picture

I thought I knew all the tracks tracks at Lucas Heights...

Where is that sweet looking north shore stuff?

I would also like to join in for my fisrt nobmob ride... but i gotta work. Hopefully next time there is a ride down my way I will be there...

kiwiboy's picture

damn that looks good and I sooo want to go there!!

5 weeks to go

nickz's picture

I just hope the rain holds off until tomorrow afternoon! I'll check back here early tomorrow morning and give my weather report from Annandale. Hopefully someone living further south can do the same.

nickz's picture

How do I delete those?

Little-Ditty's picture

Then you will be a goose just like everyone else here. Laughing out loud

Little-Ditty's picture

Then you will be a goose just like everyone else here. Laughing out loud

Rob's picture

Laughing out loud

Well - it's cold and overcast but that storm blew through pretty fast last night and the radar is clear right now.

nickz's picture

See you there!

petulance's picture

Slept in. Guess I'll have to do Menai with you guys some other time.

nickz's picture

Well part of it anyway. Thanks to Rob, Caro and Liam for a great ride and for being such nice people! The tracks were great variety and it was nice taking our time redoing sections. A few crashes from all except Liam (that one didn't count!) , and a few adjustments of equipment from Rob were some of the highlights for me. I was constantly impressed by Liam's ability to climb anything . My crash took a fair bit out of me, so I was pretty cautious after that, also because my fork's internals crapped out due to the crash. Some of the sections flowed so nicely, and the rocks kept everyone on their toes which was great. I was very impressed by Rob's electronic nouse, GPS, heart rate, camera, he had it all happening. That was one of the nicest showers I've had in ages, my bike is putrid, I'll leave that for tomorrow.

Things I learnt today:

Crossmarks clog up easily and don't really shed the mud or clay until you ride through a puddle.
Look before I leap Smiling.

Thanks guys and girl for a great day, I look forward to the write up.


Little-Ditty's picture

Excellent to have you along Nick. Now that you have popped your NobMob cherry, we will expect to see you at future rides. And sorry to hear that your forks may be up the sh*tter. It was all in the name of a laugh, and I felt a bit guilty at letting you try that one yourself without a wingman. Maybe next time. Smiling

Another special thanks goes to Caro for peeling herself out of a motel bed after a late night attending a friends wedding. "Would you like another madam?", "Don't mind if I do!!" With a fighting spirit and dedication to getting out on a new trail, that hangover was blown away quick smart. Now you know how Gaz does it!! Smiling Well done, you beat Rob up some of those hills today.

To all those naysayers that thought the track was going to be too wet, too muddy, blah blah blah... the trails were perfect, considering they were trashed with rain only 12 hours earlier. Almost dry in fact. You missed the most awesome ride. For me, this was a new track, and I can't wait to get back there. Like a cross between Great Northern Road and Kincumber. Just totally awesome. Laughing out loud The trail review is to follow shortly.

(Nick, shame your OTB stack was not on camera. It would have made the review) Sticking out tongue

Rob's picture

Not far, but lots of messing about and some tough technical work...

This is sort of following one of the MB profiles as planned. There were two in the Edge but given how long this one took we'll have to go back and do the second another time. Damn! Eye-wink

nickz's picture

What's the point if Rob didn't get a pic, he should have filmed it as it was the best I've had in years. The drop was straight forward, I just should have looked at the run out after as well, I shall do it again safely. I'm lucky I flipped over instead of landing with my arm out, I think I got off lightly. Nice work from Caro trying to clear the same bit of track four times, and stacking in slow-mo four times . Smiling

Never mind about the forks, I'll put my spares on.

Another ride with you guys sounds fun.

Rob's picture

First visit so took a few... pics from today are spread liberally between 2007-12-08: Saturday Menai Explorer and the more generic Menai (Lucas Heights).

Enjoy Smiling

Caro's picture

Hi guys!

Thanks for the great ride yesterday!
Loved the 'New Track'!!! and am glad I got up earlier than I thought I would be able to Smiling. I hope you are feeling ok Nick after your high impact touch down Eye-wink. Great effort! Looked priceless!
Thanks for moral and mental support and putting up with my whingeing.
I think Liam is now officially sharing the title mountain goat with all the other masters of climbing, well done!

Thanks a million Rob for guiding us through the maze of tracks and all the pictures from this ride, Ourimbah etc. Great memories!

Have fun!

petulance's picture

Nice pics. I really should have dragged my sorry arse out of bed on Saturday morning.

So ... when's the next Menai ride?


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