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Movie Manly Dam and The Oaks

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By psymaan - Posted on 04 September 2012

Check out my Manly Dam/The Oaks video. Hope you enjoy:

Give me some feedback to improve images if you like.

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Just watched on my iPhone. I liked how it was edited to match the soundtrack, you done a good job here. I'm most curious as to we're you mounted the camera and how. It appeared to me it was mounted on the under side of the stem. The whole video appeared very smooth and provided a good action shot. Only downside was the visible cables.

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Great video, wish I had a camera to do something like that. And the skills to put it together!

Only thing I thought may need a bit of attention was the end, it seemed a little abrupt.

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Awesome, good job!

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Thanks for your comments.

Under side of the stem is where it was mounted. The quality of the GoPro is pretty good. I bought a proper mounting, and if you keep it tight enough it provides a more stable shot than a helmet or chest cam.

I’m pretty new to the editing gig, but I basically just align the cuts to the beats and hope for the best. I’m about to start working on a new one with a few new angles at a few new locations.

Thanks again.

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