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Lost Garmin edge 800 wingello

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By Bernie-Burn - Posted on 15 September 2012

Lost my Garmin today at wingello state forest on the red loop within 7km of the start. I would love it back, it has all my data. please contact Bernie 0415627285 if found

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Can I ask.
Did it come out of the 1/4 turm base or did both O ring rubbers brake?


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one of the O rings was on the bike caught in my gear changer and the rest was gone. I would change the system if I was to get it back or buy a new one.

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I am assuming?

I never go for the bar mounting for this reason and I always opt for Stem if I can.

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Unfortunately it doesn't fit on my stem Sad otherwise I would. I have recently seen bar mounts sold separately with clamps rather than O rings.

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