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Sydney trail updates?

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By GAZZA - Posted on 07 October 2012

All the local trail updates are showing green but this is probably due to no one riding in the last few days.
Anyone got a heads up on the state of the trails this morning?
The Dam? Terrey Hills? Red Hill? Cascades?

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Did DH + C + P + L and went exploring down Cullamine as well this morning. All good.

Trail was quite tacky and the sandy bits less evil than usual thanks to a bit of moisture. The usual puddles back of the houses at Perimeter were no worse than last weekend.

Bike just needs a light brush off. Go for it!

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Best it has been all year. Unfortunately though, yesterday there were some young guys in a 4x4 destroying both part of the main trail and their vehicle and today there were at least 6 different groups riding motos around. Had a lovely expletive laden conversation with one.

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