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First of the DST After Work Rides

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By amarkie - Posted on 08 October 2012

I don't know if anyone else did this, but it was SO AWESOME to get in an after work ride again.

Thank Jebus for Day Light Savings Time!

Red Hill was picture perfect this evening (See image)

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You're supposed to keep the rubber side down. Sticking out tongue

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You scratch your seat, grips and you look like a ROOKIE! Eye-wink

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yes "we dont mention its name because that makes it rain up there" hill is the best it's been for ages, rim ride could use some fix up work though, would filling in some of those awful ruts be classed as illegal trail work?

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However I prefer noob Smiling

Bikes for riding
Photos for looking

I do much more damage putting my bike on the bike rack Smiling

So did anyone get out there tonight?

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Left the office at 5.46.. home and out the door by 5.58. Hot lap of the Dam and back home at 6.57. The wife didn't even raise an eyebrow as I walked in the back door. Yep gotta love DSL.

Ps my new hot lap commences on the corner of King and Seebrees and ends at the Lab.. Avoids our friend the BB that way Smiling haven't really worked out whether that is the same as a "full" lap...

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