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Kiwarrak State Forest - River see saw (vid)

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I remember when I first came across it... Was tearing down "upriver" did the little jumps, flew around a corner to see the see saw thinking OMG! It looked like a jump to infinity... Didn't know it was a see saw...
There's some other footage around of people falling off the side, funny stuff. The challenge is the "spit out" as you come off the see saw... Straight into a good downhill...

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It was good to see they've carpeted the downslope lander for a good distance. They've obviously done that since Robbie O and I were last there.

Even so, it's steep as! I rolled down the B-line, dabbed the rear brake for some stability it locked up and was fishtailing all over the place Smiling

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The see saw is awesome fun, a mate and I did a mid-week explore there this week and had a few goes at it. I also made a video.

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Brings back lots of good memories.... Will do it all again in 2 weeks...

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Thanks, I had a ball riding around for a few hours there.

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what a great track, all built by volunteers too.

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