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By mrptl - Posted on 23 January 2013

Is is possible to make the login session longer? I get logout after ~2 days… unless it's because I access NobMob from work too…? Which in this case, it would be nice to stay logged in on both.

ie. yes, I'm a lazy user that prefers more to click that type J

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When you log in from a different computer, it logs you out of the first. For example, if I'm logged in on the P.C. and then log in on my tablet, it will log me out of the P.C. (as long as the NobMob window is closed on the P.C.)

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I'm logged in all week at work. Go home for the weekend (without logging on again from somewhere else) and when I return on Monday I'm logged off again. I think that's what the OP is experiencing also.

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Bit of a grave dig, but I figured it was better to re-post in this, rather than opening a new thread.

I've noticed this week that I'm having to log in every day to each of the Globalriders sites I'm active in (NobMob & BMORC). I don't think it's to do with one computer, as I used to be able to log into all sites on both computers, although the sessions would only stay active for 2- 3 days.

Now that session seems to be expiring daily?

Is there anyway to get the sites to work on a persistent log-in basis? All the other forums I frequent seem to be able to o this (most are on V-Bulletin of some version, but others are on older BB style workings too). Would be nice to not have to log in every day to look at the sites Eye-wink


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I did recently change the session handling for performance reasons. To be honest, I'm not sure it makes a massive amount of difference. Does this mean you want me to put it back how it was? Eye-wink

P.S. That's nothing to do with the expiry time. Maybe the OP's IP address keeps changing?

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I have also found each device I use I need to log in.

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Gaby, not sure if you are already doing it or not. In the settings you can enable content from the other sites, ie I log into BMORC and I can see/comment on all the NOBMOB posts from within the BMORC site. This saves me from having to log into one, then log into the next one.

The only problem I have found is with creating posts in certain sub-forums. If I create a post in the MTB Gear sub-forum on only the BMORC guys will see it. If I want a bigger audience to ask for help I have to log into the page and create the post there. Unfortunately the BMORC guys will not see that post.
Its the same with the video/Youtube sub-forum. So i see alot of double posts when people share the same video on different global-riders sites.

IMO, these sub-forums should be global as they are not directed at a target audience based on location.


A work around can be having your you Browser remember you log in so it pre-fills the form and its a simple click to log-in

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