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Coffs Harbour tour guide

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By cambo - Posted on 20 February 2013

Hi there, I am heading up to Coffs for work next week and was going to throw the bike in. Just wondering if any of the locals would be able to show me around some XC trails on Tuesday from about 4:30pm onwards as I have never ridden there before. Can bring lights if required. I am no elite rider but would probably finish in the top half of my race category and up hills don't worry have to go down them at some stage. Cheers

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Check your messages.

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Cows with guns is an awesome trail, just don't get lost like we did. have have fun its awesome up there

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Pine creek is the go!
Have not been there since the floods over last three years.
They have copped an absolute walloping of rain this week and pine creek can get pretty muddy!

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Cheers lads, with the dumping of rain Coffs has had I don't fancy I will be getting too much trail riding in

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