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OMV - The best place in the world?

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By jp - Posted on 31 March 2013

How good is Old Man's Valley at Hornsby? I did a few laps there this morning then took my 9 and 12 year old boys there this afternoon. My 12 year old said it's "one of the best places in the world - like an amusement park but free!". And they both said now they can see why I'm so obsessed with mountain biking. It really is a great facility - I saw everyone from elite riders to guys on Huffys and parents with kids, but they all had one thing in common - they were smiling. Old Mans Valley is a fantastic example of a great MTB facility in the heart of suburbia, and great use of disused land. I'm sure it will also encourage a lot of people to get into mountain biking.

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Have to say it " Your preaching to the choir" Eye-wink

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I rode OMV for the first time yesterday. What an awesome flowing track. The best track I've ridden.
I can't wait to go back.

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I rode there for the 1st time last week, its amazing. How were the crowds? Went to Ourimah today and had a ball there, some fun obstacles. Hopefully the northern beaches will also get a bike park. Glad your boys enjoyed it.

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Went there for the first time on Good Friday. Everyone involved has done a fantastic job. The trail is fun to ride, and ride and ride..... Even the climb out is fun. Was great to see Mums, Dads and kids out there enjoying the ride. Smiling

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Pretty awesome isn't it?

Went this morning with wife & daughter & friends & their kids. Chicks did a lap while guys played with kids. Guys did a lap etc...

Nice short laps makes it easy to play.

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It's right up there with Ourimbah for me, lots of different options and nice and short for friendly loops. Loads of sections that you can session to improve skills, I don't think there is such a thing as a perfect lap always something to work on (isn't that the way with MTB in general?). Agree about the up hill, it's great. I can't wait for the next sections to be completed.

I reckon Manly Dam would benefit from some of that berm action on it's downhill section, or some of that love in general. Hopefully OMV (or middle aged valley as I'm calling it) will represent the success story for other suburbs.

EDIT: after just coming back from there again this morning I think the number of people there (of all ages and skill levels) says it all really. Smiles everywhere, a real sense of something good was evident.

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After riding there the other day - it was awesome to see such a large demographic from 3 to 70 years of age I think from my recollection.

Everybody was giving it a try, with all types of equipment, some doing pretty well with what they had to ride.

Its hard to believe such a small parcel of land could be turned it to such a community asset supporting a large cross section of the community.

Well done to all involved - there is light at the end of the tunnel !

One other thought - as I think someone has already mentioned, we are preaching to the converted on this site - it would be good if we could get this forum thread and others like it, to the people responsible for the trail, and other planning authorities to provide feedback of something they have truly done very well.

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Synergy trails, SNORC and horsnby council all have Facebook accounts which are fairly active and I'm sure they'd appreciate any feedback anyone on this forum has.

Must get back to OMV at some point, did 4 laps on NYE during the 'trial' but haven't ridden it since it officially opened.

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Thanks for all the nice comments. Council do indeed read sites like these and our facebook page, but nothing bets an email to council ( with a nice thank you. Council have a trail counter in place to keep idea on the number of laps each day as well. Biggest so far was a Sunday with 778 laps although i think this will have been surpassed in the last 3 weeks.We are looking for stage 2 to hopefully start soon with a further 3 km. The club is also looking to install some simple skills features near the green loop to practice on and confidence up on.
Our local Yowie has also mowed the grass around the lower oval where the next green loop will be and is great extension for kids.
This Saturday we have trail maintenance from 2pm for any one that is free.

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I have a teenage son and one of the best things about OMV is that we can both ride until we drop. If one of us is suffering we can take the quick ride up the firetrail while the other does the blue pool climb and or the southern blue section. Or even sit out a lap.

So many fun sections, both up and down, in such a small area.

I think the council and synergy trails have set the standard for metro trail centres.

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