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Cycling facilities in North Sydney under threat of removal

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By hawkeye - Posted on 19 April 2013

This will be of interest to most nobmobbers who use commuting to work in or around the CBD as training for their weekend rides on the dirt.

North Sydney Major Jilly Gibson appears to be developing a reputation for an anti-cycling bias.

Why is this important?
On 4 March 2013, North Sydney Council deferred the upgrade to the shared use path through St Leonards Park. On 8 April, Council accepted a petition from 80 people “opposing bicycles being allowed to use St Leonards Park, except when used for leisure”.

Following these actions, Bike North is very concerned by reported comments in the Mosman Daily on 4 April 2013 that the Mayor wishes cyclists to use roads instead of shared paths in North Sydney

Putting aside the considerable practical difficulties around how the distinction would be enforced, there is growing concern that North Sydney Council will not only fail to follow through on its own cycling promotion policies and Bike Plan, but actively start ripping out cycling infrastructure.

St Leonards Park is a key connector for cyclists seeking to get off the very busy and dangerous Miller St and join up with the Willoughby to Epping Road Cycleway cycle path network, or the Mosman-Beauty Point backstreets route to the Northern Beaches.

Please sign the online petition:

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