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You didnt make the Rideable cut Hawkeye!

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I'm a route 2 commuter. have been doing that every day for the last year or so. I've only ventured over to the other side of spit road once or twice and always ended up on the main roads with lots of traffic.

will try route 3 tomorrow.
btw, there seems to be a shared path on the western side of the spit reserve - does that just end after the rowing club or is there a connection into Beauty Pt Rd or Bay Street? that would save the hassle of crossing spit road. (twice at the moment while the underpath at the bridge is closed)

almost excited about going to work now ...

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And I take route 3, heaps quicker and easier. Plus it's got hills so you can attack your mates.

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thanks rideable..

My nice quiet route 3 lazy scenic ride will now be commuter cup racing all the way to N.S!

They forgot to mention that route 3 is a strava segment, call "STRAVA"* and slow commuters, hipster fixies, pedestrians and locals clear the road for you!

*disclaimer: actual results may vary, doesn't appear to work on Military road though..?

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i ride both routes 2 and 3. prefer the quietness of route 3 but hate crossing spit road and then crossing back across military road at ben boyd (i need to get into the cbd across the harbour bridge).

for those who prefer route 3, and head into the cbd, how do you get there without being stuck at lots of traffic lights????

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@pommy: Instead of Ben Boyd go one further and turn right off Park into Ernest via the slip lane,then immediately left into Merlin St. Cross under Military/Falcon using share path, ride footpath briefly (and carefully... don't scare the peds) to Bent St. Alt route is to go down Merlin St and turn right into contra-flow bike lane down Winter Ave before turning right into Bent.

@stefsn: You can avoid those timewasting lights for Route 3 by going via Spit West. Bring your climbing legs, some of the climbs along Beauty Point Rd are steep, and the Glen St pinch is great practice for Heartbreak Hill.

Route 2 aint so bad if you leave early to miss the traffic but it chokes up at Kurraba and Clark Rds if i leave too late. I like doing hill repeats in front of the zoo on the way. Well like may not be the right word but at least the views help distact from the effort

I'm bummed they closed the Pearl Bay rat run... I'm missing my dose of schadenfreude grinding past the ratrunners stuck bumper to bumper on that Glen St pinch Eye-wink

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I ride the reverse of R3 from Willoughby and then R2 via the zoo into the cbd. R3 is great into North Sydney but it doesn't have a great connection to the bridge. R2 has a bit more traffic but it's pretty benign and it connects well with the bridge.

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What great technology to map that out in animated form, well done to the guys who did that. I'd like to ride from the northern beaches to Ashfield where I work, but some of the route would be too hectic and dangerous.

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