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Whyte Morning Ride

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By Fatboy - Posted on 10 June 2013

The bike shop where I purchased my Whyte's sent me this link to a locally made video with Jon Odams. Hope it works.

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ok, link didn't work. Help please...

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Where was this filmed?

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... then it's probably south. As far as I know, for some reason you don't get those Gymea lillies growing south of the Hawkesbury, or much north of Port Hacking. Menai? Royal National Park?

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Very nice looking trail. I don't recognise any part of it though, I be interested in finding where it is.

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Looks like Royal National Park, sponsored by Bike Culture so that makes sense it would be down there and it does look like a trail I rode a few years back. Riding the fire trail from Grays Point there's a single track drops off to the right about 1km in. If not that one then it is probably around the Cliffs.

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