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Withdrawn: Thule Hitch Mounted 4 bike carrier + zip stick + locks

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By Rob - Posted on 09 July 2013

Note that this is "Withdrawn" so is here for archive purposes only.


Price Drop! Again! - need this gone - no sensible offer refused!

Pictures updated.

We changed vehicle earlier this year and looks like won't be going back to anything with a hitch, soooooo...

Up for sale is a used Thule hitch mounted, 4 bike bike carrier, with cable lock. Plus zip stick stabiliser. Plus Snug Tite lock.

This looks like the current Hitching Post 4 model, but has silver arms instead of black. It fits 40mm hitch, but I'm sure you could easily get a sleeve for 50mm if required.

Even with bikes on the rack, if they are tied down to the zip stick you can undo the pin near the hitch and pivot the whole thing forward to access your boot/tailgate. Just be careful (it's heavier than you'd think!).

It has 4 frame holders with tie-down straps on each arm that can all be moved up and down. I actually removed one of these to make carrying 3 bikes easier but it's easy to put back on and is included (see pics).

The rack comes with 4 'no sway' cages (see pic) which lock around the frame holders and have a tie strap to go around the seat tube. One of these has been trimmed slightly to fit a frame I used to own. But...

... you won't be using the 'no sway' cages because the rack also comes with a zip stick (see pic). The Zip stick attaches to the base of the rack (near the hitch) and has 4 (3 on an arm and one on the base) loops where straps fit through it and allow you to secure the bike through it's wheels to stop it swinging. This works very well. 4 original Thule straps are included. 2 of these are practically brand new.

This is a 4 bike carrier and I have travelled long distances with 4 mountain bikes on it. You just have to be careful with loading when doing this. As I said above, if you want to carry fewer bikes it's easy to remove the frame holders and then you don't have to worry quiet so much about loading bikes. Loading road bikes on this carrier is a breeze.

The rack also comes with an integral cable lock. This extends from the each end of one of the arms and allows bikes to be locked to the rack.

The rack also comes with a Snug Tite lock. This locks the rack to your hitch.

If you have existing Thule gear a quick visit to the place in Artarmon and they will change locks to match your existing stuff usually free of charge.

This rack is in perfect working order but is a few years old and used. Our car was always garaged so has seen very little rain or UV (although there are still rust spots from our wonderful Sydney climate). The upright has marks from pedal rub/scratching.

If you are paranoid you could also replace the cable that holds the locking pin for the bottom pivot. By that I mean, there is a locking pin that holds the pivot mechanism that was attached to the rack with a small cable which has come loose at one end. No big deal - I used it like that for years.

There is no denying this is a well used rack but Thule gear is top quality and there are many more years of life left in it.

RRP on the current Hitching Post Pro 4 is $330.
RRP on the Snug Tite Lock is $73.
RRP on Thule Cable Lock is $60.

That's $463 RRP in total for a similar new item, which doesn't even come with a Zip Stick (I don't know why they stopped making these as it's invaluable IMHO).

Item is located in St Leonards.

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Sooooo... this is still here. No sensible offer refused. Come on - someone must have bought a load of bikes over xmas and need a bigger carrier? Eye-wink

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If this is still available let me know your rock bottom price.
[email protected]

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Rack is still available. The other enquiry had the wrong kind of hitch. Doh! Eye-wink

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Price Drop! Again! - need this gone - no sensible offer refused!

Have also updated the pictures.

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