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By CN001 - Posted on 12 July 2013

Saw this posted on the Dirtz facebook page:

"It dismays me but an anonymous complaint has been submitted to Penrith Council in NSW, Australia re the LMX ( Luke Madill ) BMX track. Because its easier, Penrith Council are proposing to have the track torn down. The track features 2 x start hills ( Australia's first 8m ), dual straights on every straight except the finish. It has played host to riders across the World and currently plays host to all of the LMX club members, including many young children. The French team will even be using it to train on in the upcoming weeks.
I would encourage everyone in the BMX world to let Penrith Council know how important this facility is."


If anyone is a resident in the Penrith area it would be great to have some letters to council in support of this facility.

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Not wanting to be churlish here, but if you want a good response you need to make it easy for people to respond.

How about a list of councillors' email addresses and a list of bullet points that hits their hot buttons like community exercise rates, unstructured recreational activities, getting kids outside, building cycling skills, attracting international talent as you have mentioned and anything else that is a positive for the community and council.

Its probably some faceless anticycling nut in council pushing this. Normally anonymous complaints get little traction unless it concerns corruption.

You need to use your elected representatives to rein them in.

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