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By kjw276 - Posted on 17 July 2013

Hi Everyone,

New to the site, glad I found such an awesome resource for MTB.

Long story short, my fiance and I are Aussie expats that have been living in Whistler and North Vancouver for the last 5 years, so to say we're spoiled when it comes to trails is an understatement. We're thinking we'll have to move back to Australia soon and just need to know where we should live? As serious weekend warriors we want to make sure we're located close to some nice trails and I was originally thinking Wollongong for Mt Keira, but there seems to be a whole lotta trails North of Sydney that I never knew about.

So the question is, if you had a fresh start and needed to be close to the trails you love, where would you choose to call home in NSW?


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Do you enjoy a 'sedated' lifestyle?
Did you wake up in the middle of the night with an urge to blow up stuff with firecrackers?
Are you familiar with film stars in the adult industry?
Do you enjoy driving exactly at the speed limit everywhere?

Personally not for me, but you might also consider Canberra. Some awesome trails in the area.

And also a shorter drive to the snow fields if you're into that kinda stuff.

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What type of riding do you both prefer?

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