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JetBlack 24 Hour 2013

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By trailburner - Posted on 17 July 2013

Saturday, 30 November, 2013 - 12:00
24 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Meeting Point: 

There's a small parking area on Caley Drive next to the trail head. This is approximately 2.1km South from the larger road junction (circle) at Mt Annan Drive and approximately 1.4km South of the main car park.

Their address is Mount Annan Drive, Mount Annan NSW 2567. See:


Rocky Trail will be summoning Australian mountain bikers for their ultimate in MTB endurance events to The Australian Botanic Garden, Mount Annan.

Ride, Party, Dance!

Registration will open on 13. August at 10am - We have a rider limit of 600 so sign up early to not miss out!

Who's in?
GAZZA, trailburner, Hasbeen Racing, Fatboy, Ian_A, N76, SingleSpeedDan (7 riders)
GAZZA trailburner Hasbeen Racing Fatboy Ian_A N76 SingleSpeedDan
What Happened?

Were you there and have a story to tell?

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Registration is now open!

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It was so nice to sit down with a glass of wine in the evening and watch the 24hr riders ride past our tent in pain!!!
Just hope its not as hot this year?
6+6 was a great option last year, it was still pretty hard in pairs but not as traumatic as a 24 would be!

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Hey Gazza how'd you go in the 12hr? Me and my made came 5th in class and 7th overall for two man teams....flippin hardest thing I ever did!

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SXC Racing got 1st in Masters 4s and 2nd over all.
I managed the second fastest lap of the day and my Partner had the first two quickest female laps.
Not bad for a bunch of old farts!!

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This film we made was on an AMB DVD a few year's ago. Our third JetBlack 24 hour - definitely a hot one.
Getting everyone in the mood for some 24 hour racing!

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I was at the top of the hill trying to keep people cool by spraying them with that water sprayer you had there& handing out the ice .

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Thanks to MacArthur Design and Drafting every rider at the JetBlack24 will receive a very cool coffee mug.

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We're back from the Croc Trophy getting everything ready now for the big one. About 2/3 full at the moment - don't miss out!

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We did the 6+6 last year and it was a hoot.
Will be doing the same again this year.
There's something very satisfying about sitting down with a beer and watching the 24s keep riding past throughout the night! Eye-wink

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All that weight loss and training no good for 24hr of punishment Gazza?

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There's also something very satisfying about finishing your lap and having a beer knowing you have 5 teammates to ride before you go again.

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I qualify for supermasters Smiling

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I'm in Masters but I'd be in for a team of 3 or 4 in the 6 + 6??

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How long is a lap around there, out of interest?

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Here's the Strava of my last ride there.

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It will rattle your bones around which will keep you on guard , it's a great track for training on too really gives you a workout. ?

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Hittin up the 24hr in a team of 4...first night race ever hence the subject heading.

Will be heading down tomorrow mid-morning for a first taste on the new stead - again 'Bonkers', any takers for a few laps tomorrow PM me.

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Was really looking forward to this year doing the 6 + 6 after the heatfest last year, but an OTB with a stump landing has me cheering the boys on from the sideline with cracked ribs :'(
Oh well bring on the Mont.

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You have cracked ribs and I have a half dislocated shoulder, which the ligaments are still sore and annoying pain thats 2 of us off the bike for riding this weekend , I will see you there ..

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What a fantastic weekend. A really well run race, great track and excellent beer at the end (and a few sneaky ones during). My team, Hasbeen Racing, managed 7th in the 24hr team of 6. Pretty happy with the result. I managed a best lap of 28.19 which was almost 3 minutes better than my best last year.

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I did the 6+6 solo - it was pretty tough.
Bit of a write up here;

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It was my first 24. Did it as a 4 man team. I don't like camping but said yes to this one thinking I could sneak home for sleeps, showers & ceramic toilets. Day before race found they actually lock the gates so you can't do that. Doh!

Turned up so ill prepared... First 10 mins there had a red belly black snake come to say hi while I was taking a leak near my car. Really enjoyed rivalry with mates. Laps were consistent with all 4 of my afternoon laps between 28:00 & 28:24. Night came and I was hopeless. Had bar mounted light and couldn't see round switchback. It has been so long since I've ridden at night I forgot the whole helmet light to see around corners thing.

We went to double laps about 9pm so I had a sleep. Didn't realise it was up to me to wake myself! Assumed as I was asleep 1m from the track that matey would sing out with a lap to go. Anyway, didn't happen and I copped the f$&@/:;@:&$ . About 15 mins later I was dressed, had powdered my nose and was riding in a sleepy stupor.

We dropped from 5th place and never recovered finishing 7th in category.

About 5:30am with low sun across the paddock the music started with 'Da Juchitzer' at full volume. I can only describe it as instrumental with a sudden loud synthesized yoddle. Quite an amazing experience in my sleepy stupor.

Once I could see again I was back on it doing lap times not too much slower than Saturday. The pizza at night was a blessing as was the beer at the finish. Great event!

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