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By Bikeboy - Posted on 31 July 2013

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi Guys , I am traveling through Orange ( and Dubbo ) next Wednesday 7th August (and Thursday 8th Dubbo)and would love to ride Kinross or similar , but I don't know the area and was hoping to find someone to ride with for an hour or so after work

If I cant find anyone willing to ride with a slow to medium paced middle aged sales rep , are the trails signposted really well ( I've been known to get lost on a football field)

Any heads up on this would be appreciated guys


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Sorry Bike Boy I read this a bit late to be of use in Orange. Chances are the weather was too wet and snowy to ride Wed night and Thurs morning anyway. Or did you brave it?

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Thanks Grant but you are right , it was bloody freezing .
I actually read the weather report and took the road bike with the plan to ride Mt Panorama a few times .
The weather made the bar at Ridges Mt Panorama too appealing and I ended up just doing a few laps around Dubbo Thursday night
I should be back in about six weeks again and hope to have more success getting a ride there



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