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Where are you riding this weekend?

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By Rob - Posted on 16 August 2013

Manly Dam
18% (9 votes)
Old Man's Valley
6% (3 votes)
Terrey Hills
8% (4 votes)
Oxford Falls
2% (1 vote)
6% (3 votes)
Somewhere else
31% (15 votes)
All of the above
2% (1 vote)
Will decide on the day
8% (4 votes)
On the black stuff
12% (6 votes)
I'm not going riding
6% (3 votes)
Total votes: 49
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On sunday morning Im planning to ride somewhere in the northern beaches that will assist with the NPWS tracking survey. As im not local and have never ridden in the National parks of Northern beaches, i am not not sure which rides or where I should ride that would best assist mountain biking in the survey results.

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Glenrock NP

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Wingello Smiling

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It is Glenrock SCA

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TH tomorrow for me if I'm not too sick

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Thanks Robbieo my bad

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No riding for me this weekend. Perfect weather too. Sad

The stitches in my shin from last weekends meeting with a hollow log at OMV got infected. Just got back from A&E where they whipped them out and pumped me full of antibiotics on a drip. Oh and some painkillers.

Oxycodin is good. Headspins. Whee! Eye-wink

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I did Cascades as well today which was the first time I've been there for years.

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Red Hill Sunday from 1pm

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Bugger! Whereabouts at OMV? The scapel needs to be ridden!

No riding for me either this weekend, listening to the body and having a weekend off. Back into it next weekend.

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Spent 12 hours bush bashing through Lake Macquarie out on a rogaine (for those who haven't heard of rogaining, it's probably even more crazy than MTBing!) But maybe that's no excuse for not riding before I left at 6:30am on Saturday... Eye-wink

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Sometime this weekend when family duties allow. Have a good one.

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You all know this is last weekend's poll, right? Eye-wink

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