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Bike Box Hire

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By rp91 - Posted on 21 September 2013

Is there a bike store on the Northshore/Northern Beaches that hire bike boxes at a reasonable price? Alternatively, does anyone have a bike box that I'd be able to borrow for a week? Otherwise, I will be resorting to a cardboard bike box.

Also, anyone who regularly travels with a bike, should I be taking out travel insurance to cover any damage in transit on the plane? If so, what insurance do you usually use?

I am heading up to uni games on the Gold Coast for a week, which runs from the 29th September to 4th October. Unfortunately, they only do road cycling.


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Sorry, can't help you with the box-hire question, but... do you have your bikes insured already?

When this question comes up, lots of people (myself included) have them listed as named items on household insurance so they are protected when outside of the home.

Surely your trip up to the Gold Coast would be no different from any other 'outside the home' thing? Have a look at your policy & always check the fine print for single item value limits, accidental cover, excess, etc.

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I have a couple of cardboard bike shipping boxes you can have including I think some foam pieces for frame protection. But you need to be quick as I'm planning to chuck them in the council cleanup this weekend.

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I've been here in Italy for a few weeks and managed to get a ride in the Swiss alps . Went up 1000mts then down 100mts,man the riders here must have legs of steel,between the height and the slightly less air and the 30 Kay ride (and push) I was beat. But wow , scenery like you wouldn't believe ,looking into the Dolomites from the tyrols was something I will never forget.then we saw cortina , wish I had more time, didn't get a ride but saw plenty of riding opportunities ,(one day perhaps) mountain biking has brought me these joys and hopefully for many years to come.(now when are we coming back here )

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