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Hella Race!

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By Antsonline - Posted on 22 September 2013

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Kowalski Classic 2013
CBD / Cannondale
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Instead of writing a whole bunch of words about the race (frankly, I am sure you have heard enough from me recently!) I thought I’d just list the points of the race that really stood out for me today:

1. How cold was the start? Warming up was freezing! 1 degree.
2. On the startline, Kyle Wards (Rockstar) bottle cage broke 30secs before the gun #notideal
3. Any cold I might have felt was soon forgotten up the big, first climb.
4. After 1km of straight uphill, we hit the SingleTrack – I had decided on a slow start, so was in about 25th position, at the back of the group
5. My first ‘off-road’ on my Cannondale Scalpel ‘loaner’ bike. HOLY JESUS – this bike rocks! I was finding it all so easy!!
6. 25km of straight-singletrack. I cant explain how impressive it is to just watch a smooth ‘snake’ of Elite MTB riders, all following each other, politely, smoothly, and quietly. Oh – and speedily
7. 25km of no over-taking at all. No need. In 25th, I was precisely 25 seconds behind the front of the race.
8. Shaun Lewis on the side of the track with a puncture – race over. A shame, because he would have enjoyed it.
9. The hill. It was big, I knew it was coming.
10. Kyle Ward and Mark Tupalski just ride away from the race up the hill. Very impressive. I just chuckled to myself. They just gapped the field.
11. I put some work in, and move to about 12th place.
12. Top of the hill, myself, Jason English, a chap from WA and James Downing all together.
13. Jason politely says “I’m just going to catch the leaders” – and leaves us. We just looked at each other. He is better than most people realise – and most people already think he is awesome.
14. From 30km to 65km I am with two other guys, just flying. Everything feels good. My body, my bike, the vibe in the group – we are sharing work really well.
15. 65km – catch Lewis Cressy (Onyabike) He manages to jump on and stay there
16. 70km – catch Jarrod Hughes (Rockstar) he doesnt quite manage to stay with us. Seems to be on a bad day.
17. 75km – catch Kyle Ward – he gets dropped
18. How good it is catching people at the back end of a race?!?!?!?!?!
19. All of a sudden, Kyle is back with us.
20. Hold on, Kyle has attacked us. Cheeky sod!
21. That feeling when you realise you have forgotten to eat in the last 15km, and you go to respond to an attack, and there is literally NOTHING - despite feeling good all day!
22. That other feeling when you realise that because of one mistake your race is over. I cant close the gap back. Bye bye.
23. 1km to go.
24. Cross the line. Body is not stuffed! How good are duallys?!!?!
25. Embrace Kyle – he got 7th. I know he was disappointed.
26. Catch-up with friends – winners, podiums, happy stories everywhere
27.Reflect on my race – happiness is the overwhelming emotion, but closely followed by a bit of frustration
28. How much Singletrack was there?
29. Great race
30. Oh god, I’ve got to drive home

A huge thanks to CBD and Cannondale for loaning me the bike. It was incredible. Well done to Kyle on a 'nearly' ride, to Jayden Ward on his overall win in the 50km event. To Brian on his 3rd place. To Wayne on re-establishing his love of marathons, and to anyone who rode that race on a hardtail. You are todays heros!

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Great read as usual Anthony. We need to ask @Rob if there's anything he can do about those question marks that appear when you copy & paste from a Word doc.

I love point 13 - Jason's a freak. It's not like you guys are mediocre. He's always had that attitude but now has the ability also. I remember back in about 2009 when Gordo was the defending champ at The Fling Jason was stating quite publicly he was going to beat Gordo. I remember Gordo was unusually quiet before the race and remember thinking Jason mustn't have seen the film '24 solo'. You just don't say things like that to guys like Gordo. Anyway, a few years on and Jason can now back up his confidence with results.

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