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Menai / Lucas Heights - Its getting close to opening again!!

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By Matt P - Posted on 10 November 2013

Just a note to say that Menai is very close to becoming open again!!! There was a ride day yesterday for the volunteers who have been doing the trail building (upto around 9kms at the moment) of nearly all new trails.

There is more information available on their facebook page: and for anyone who has ridden there previously, its looking good. It has similar feel to how it was originally but with better trail construction.

One thing holding back the opening at the moment is simply the fact that there is only a build day once a month. So if more people can get to these, the more work will be done and the quicker it will be open (plus more people = more input = great ideas = better riding).

At every session there is always some riding to follow the building so get onto the Facebook page, sign yourself up (you will need to do a little paper work in case you're the sort of person prone to chopping off your foot with pruning shears), then get along to the next build and ride day which should now be early December.

Having done several of these plus some extra curricular work, it really is very satisfying plus you get to have your input in the trail look and feel. I'm pretty chuffed with the sections I've worked on and to hear people say "love the new big roll down" is pretty rewarding.

I look forward to seeing some of you down there.

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Thanks for the update. If you want to drum up more help for dig days just post an advocacy event in the calendar. They show on the front page and also get broadcast to social networks.

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But only briefly I come unstuck 7 mins into the ride going over a log as the guy in front slowed down as I cleared the log I ended up OTB somehow got up winded and one very sore shoulder area got the fire trail back packed up and got myself home just. I thought I broken collarbone but misplaced a few bones in shoulder one sticking up where it shouldnt be after seeing gp , X ray & waiting at hospital for 40 mins surgeon told me to go home and rest . I think I'm one lucky rider ive had too much time off the bike in the last few years .

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I've ridden a couple of times last week. Some good trails that will improve with more use, not that we'll marked so be prepared for a bit of searching.

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Wow. First I've heard that Menai is open. It has always been my absolute favourite trail network by a mile.

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Fatboy - sounds like a Menai ride needs to go on the schedule.

I have been waiting years to ride this place again. Will be good to see what is there now compared to before.


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Agreed, I never rode the place before it got closed and would like to give it go.

I'll keep an eye on the calendar.......

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A quick look at the FB page suggests that the new trails are open for riding (20 Dec post). Anyone know if this is correct?

Haven't been there since it officially closed and am super keen to see what remains of a great spot to ride.

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I thought I'd post this up from Justin who has been involved with the new trails:

"Hi Everyone,
As you can understand I ride the trails we have built out at Mill Creek quite a lot, and its great to see the increase in usage over the last few months. On the weekends the car park at Ansto is full of riders in the mornings and the afternoons. Its awesome to see and is nothing but positive for the trails themselves as they bed in more, but also in lending weight to our cause as we push for the return of access to ANSTO lands.

In case you have been living under a rock, the build days are held monthly on the second saturday -0745 to 1200. Here are the dates for the next few:
14th June
12th July
9th August
13th September

So lock those dates in your calendar now.

This months build day will revisit some of our earlier work along the dump run/methane alley and riverside flow trails to fix up a few of the drainage issues and give it a good old prune.

Please come along and enjoy the day and take the opportunity to have your say in how these trails are developed.


Unfortunately I can't make the build day this Saturday but if you're keen to attend your first build day, see what has been done and also help to bed the trails in, please contact SSOCR on

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Coincidence Matt
Was about to post this from Rotorburn as a great example of trail maintenance done right
As you mentioned previously, it is still not enough days though

And this ties in with my reply in another thread which no-one has probably looked at

These major posted days could be used to discuss ideas, newbs to learn the techniques, and most of all, get the main stuff done
If team leaders could then be appointed to lead more impromptu days
These days can be used for minor (but time consuming) chores such as sweeping, trimming, getting rid of debris etc etc

I find that maintenance takes the most time, particularly as the trail grows
Why this needs to be done with a representative present or on a set day is beyond me, really

And i need to come down and check out the progress
Was always one of my faves when living in Sydney

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Menai is fortunate in that there are several people (including myself) who do track work outside of the scheduled days (as well as attending the official days).

With a little planning and direction, its easy to determine what needs to be done then give people a little knowledge for them to do sounsupervised.

Trail work really is a great was to give your input, learn how to build BETTER trails and also learn. If you want to ride a certain type of trail, this is such a great opportunity to get in there and have your voice heard. I know that Justin became involved from day one as he wanted to have a say in how the trail rode (features, flow etc). If I lived as close as he does, I would also have been even more closely involved.

I actually prefer the maintenance days over putting in new tracks. New building is hard bloody work although it is very satisfying once its in!! At least with maintenance you can tweak, alter, improve etc the trail as you see fit and that way the trail becomes a living, changing entity.

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It's such a sensible way of doing things, Matt
The builders have a sense of ownership and pride
Rather than being told what to do like an unpaid slave

It seems such a no-brainer

Up where I am, Specialized (through the LBS) just ran a ride before you buy day
They had a massive marquee set up on the main drag
The LBS has shop rides on the local trail and always give directions to visitors

I was amazed by how many people came up from Sydney
And they were likewise amazed at the awesome single track they drove right past to get to the known fire road rides

This single track can't be acknowledged due to stupid narrow minded people
(early on 1 idiot said that the animals get confused by a 30cm ribbon of single track. He failed to notice the 4m wide fire roads that run through the whole place)

Fact is these trails have transformed the area from a previous dumping site
It has deterred moto riders due the mtb presence (and narrow trails)
4WD'ers are similarly discouraged
And on this day it provided the perfect testing ground for bikes worth up to 10K (carbon s-works enduro - drool)

I would like figures on how much was put into the local economy that day
And it didn't cost council 1c

Anyhoo, sorry for the hijack, Matt
I'm just old and cranky and sick of being treated like I'm doing something wrong
nothing is done by the accusers to remedy the situation, but we still somehow wind up in the wrong

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