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Lady Wakehurst Drive

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By Iconic Bionic - Posted on 26 February 2008

Well my first real post and i dont live anywhere near you Northern Beaches Mob. I do most of my riding around the royal national park and Appin. I was just wondering if any of you have heard of this ride through the royal national park.

18 kms round trip from Audley and back. A few hills but nothing to advanced.


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Where is this? And what sort of trails do you guys have there? Anything good?

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you are Hilarious! Any out of town rides or new members and you are there wondering where and when to go!
You make me laugh!!

in a very nice way!

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I know. I am used to being laughed at.

But, new trails!! Smiling

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I think you mean Lady Carrington drive. It's an easy fire trail that runs South by the river from Audley. It comes out on Sir Bertram Stevens Drive. Would probably be about 18Km return.

Nice and flat, good for newbies Smiling

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Appin is near Campbelltown, about 45 mons down the M5 from the City. Ive only just started riding around there and so far the trails are endless. I looked on google Earth and they wind in and out of some very long distances.

Terrain wise, some monster hill climbs, nothing sealed, all gravel, some sandy parts and a few easily crossable creeks. Most of the trails are fairly wide and then some just branch off into single lane only riding, which i like the best. A few days ago i went for about 4 hours and came home after i ran out of water.

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Bugger Lady Blah-Blah... let's go ride these endless trails you speak of! Laughing out loud

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A very nice ride:

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Why don't you guys do the 8hr at Appin on the 25th? Laughing out loud

On the Bright Orange Event homepage it says Wollongong MTB Club is hosting, so they might know more?

Just a thought...

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Whats the website?

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Appin 8 hour is part of the BOE WWS:

And click the "BMC Working Week Series '08" banner. The link for the Appin map goes to a CTMBC page which doesn't look right. The BOE site is... erm... a bit lacking sometimes Sad

Poking around one discovers the XC page of WMBC:

And a couple of Appin MB entries:

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but id be up for a good old fashioned three lapped cross country race. anyone else?

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Looks interesting. No shortage of trails there.

That Appin XC Track also looks great.

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