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Partner For The Duo Classic

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By Gradder - Posted on 18 November 2013

Hi There

I'm 44 years of age and got into mountain biking 8 months ago. I've now brought my fitness and riding to a level of been confindant to enter into races. This will be my first race and looking for a keen partner to do the DUO Classic together and posible many more.

I'm located in the Inner West of Sydney and currently do the majority of my training at Loftas.

Please also feel free to contact if you just wish to train together.

I've been bitten by this bug and just can't get enough of it!!!!! So always keen to ride day or night.


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Never heard of it, but any event in Sparrow & Kowan has to be good! Laughing out loud

Why not put it in the calendar if you like, perhaps that will drum up more interest?

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.... looks like Brian's a little quicker on the draw than me, so maybe you can delete my duplication of his calendar entry? Smiling

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Duplicate be gone!

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