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Andersons and Oaks Condition?

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By unclebullbar - Posted on 28 November 2013

Has anyone been on Andersons and or the Oaks this week and have a trail status update? I was thinking of linking the two up Saturday (provided the heavy rain Friday doesn't eventuate) and would like to know if it will be a muddy, grind paste type of ride or a nice leisurely jaunt through the Blue Mountains.


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I rode the Oaks a few times yesterday and it's all dry including the single track.

I may head around Ingar/Andersons in the morning if I can get out of bed. I'd expect Andersons to have water sitting on it still. Bedford creek should be fine to cross.

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I rode Ando's this morning. Track is in great shape with just the usual clean sitting water in a couple places. Not enough to wash the smile of your face riding down!!

I'll do a trail status update later as Amber as there are 2 trees down

One tree down at the top of the final decent, you need to carry your bike through the branches. And the other is at the top of the long climb out of Bedford creek east bound, this one is a coat hanger if a bit tired after the climb and don't pay enough attention to it.

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Thanks Stephen. How is the rain down there at the moment? It's been raining all day on the Central Coast.

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