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opportunity in adversity

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By Flynny - Posted on 08 December 2013

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

It's my new motto so when the dust settled after fires devastated my neck of the woods I took the opportunity to clean up an old, old trail that the fires had cleared out and in doing so found this unique trail feature

This trail started life as a fire break (i think though it may have been a mining road connecting pit top to a adit on the other side of the hill) It was a popular trail int he 90s back before flow trail was a concept, back when you road up, hit up of moto single trail and then bombed back down. In the later 90s it was badly burnt out and several large tree fell over the trail, pretty much halting riding.

a group of us cleaned it back up in the early 2000s but a big storm around 2002-3ish brought down another monster tree. I always had it in my head to clear it back out but, well everyone got into DH and we had State Mine to build and other projects took our focus.

By the time I got around to looking again the trail was so over grown it just wasn't worth it. So it feel into disuse for 10years or so. Then another fire ripped through and out of interest I went for I ride to check things out. To my surprise the fire had opened everything back up. While some sections of the fire break were showing the effects of erosion much of the original trail was intact and prime for a rebuild. Work continues

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That must have been a helluva big tree in it's day!

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There was a couple of bigger ones with bigger openings but they still have their tops and I was too scared to go anywhere near them Smiling

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