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Advice needed

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By armo - Posted on 02 January 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

My 2009 Gaint Trance x1 frame has corrosion under paint on the head tube, the rest of the frame is in good condition. Would this still be under warranty if not what would be the best way to fix it
all comments appreciated

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looks like sweat has corroded the paint?

if you are the original owner and still have your receipt. they'll most likely cover that under warranty. The have a lifetime warranty for breaking....not sure if this also includes corrosion of paint. But only if you are the original owner of the bike

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Just bring it back to the shop where u bought it with receipt as said by stantheman. My understanding is all giant frames have lift time warranty. Worth to try!

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God you'd hope it was paint. The Aluminium frame shouldn't corrode right?

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Oh yes they can.

That's what killed this baby. Top tube to head tube joint. The descent to Akuna Bay on this ride was the final straw. Sad

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Thank you
Should have receipt and am original owner so will give it a try. The rest of bike is in good condition and it's a fun bike to ride so want it to last a while longer

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