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Wanted: Pair shimano stm510

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By BIGnige - Posted on 24 January 2014


Had to pull this apart last night as the nipple had come off the cable and was wedged solid inside.
Now of course I can't get it back together as the assembly of the spring is beyond the whit of man.
Anyone got one gathering dust they want rid of.
Would be greatly appreciated.

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Sick of riding to work in one gear!

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Not quite what you're asking for, but I have a set of 2005 LX dual control levers and hydro brakes that's gathering dust if you're interested, complete with Low Normal XT rear derailleur.

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Cheers Hawkeye...currently running V-brakes so not sure what I could do with the hydro brakes,,,but cheers for the offer mate

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'Twas a long shot. Some v-brake bikes came with disc compatible hubs fork and frame, like my beater.

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