You are hereShort for time - track changes make it quicker

Short for time - track changes make it quicker

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By Blades_Utd - Posted on 21 February 2014

29 Nov 14
Manly Dam 2 Laps
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Well done with that time mate.

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Top effort!!!

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Oh this should be fun to watch Minter.

PS Nice time Mike Laughing out loud

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I'm expecting Minter to smash me.. somewhere in the low 53's is doable for him given the changes to the track, maybe even in the 52's.

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Nice one Mike - Putting the SXC Racing Team in front of those Magellan boys.

Lets see how long it lasts !

PS. at that speed you could cruise the 4 laps in 2 hrs record !

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Not long I expect.. if it doesn't rain too much there's a TT going on tomorrow morning at 6.20 including Minter and Chitts... and I've committed to being there! Smiling

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Just block Minters long as possible. LOL

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Michael, you're a machine.

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