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Wanted: Tow along trailer or baby carrier

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By jpack - Posted on 13 March 2014


Wanted to borrow a kids tow along trailer or some other child carrier for a bicycle.

I have a 2 year old daughter and wanted to see if she's likes the idea before committing to buy something.
If anyone has something I could borrow around Terrey hills or northern beaches area.


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I have a wee ride that sits on or should I say between the head stem and seat poston a bar that the actual seat bolts onto we got it off ebay and never used it it looks like the first model they made .

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Did heaps of riding with my 1st little one, she's on on a Specialzed Hotwalk balance bike now. Just took number 2 out for her first ride at 13 months and all good.

It's great having them up front with you, easy to interact as you ride along.

Only issue I had was attaching the bar all the time; if you have multiple bikes and can keep it attached it would be fine. I've now got it on an old Norco so easier to get out there!

I'd say go the Wee Ride if you get a chance!

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I had a trailer that I used a few times, croozer brand that you are welcome to try out, Strathfield pickup. I started using the weeride when he was 9 months I think, wouldnt go back to the trailer. Its awesome to interact with them while riding, the only downside I can think of is that a trailer is more visible to motorists who tend to give you a wide berth. Motorists behind you are unaware you are carrying a child with the weeride. This shouldnt make a difference, as the road is there to share, but thats not always the reality.

Anyone make baby on board jerseys? Sticking out tongue

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Why the heck would you be silly enough to ride on the road with a bike trailer attached to a bike with a child or2 inside , you should be on the pathway with a child on or towed on a bike , and should only be on the road when crossing 2 bobs worth

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There's nothing wrong with a kids trailer in suburban streets.

The attitude that streets are the exclusive preserve of the dominant motor car is BS. If neither I nor my kids can walk or cycle around my neighbourhood streets in safety then something is wrong and needs to change.

Things are pretty good around my area in that regard, thanks to a previous generation of residents lobbying for 40km speed limits and traffic calming measures. So it can be done. Change is possible.

As a result parents feel safe about letting their young kids ride on the street all the time. As they should.

You're making a bunch of assumptions about the OPs situation that may or may not be true.

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With the younger generation p platers driving around my area there can be wheel spins at least every second day gauranteed , I myself when hitting the road ride or rephrase it on the road bike I try to use the paths at least 99%of the time .

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jpack just wants to know if anyone has a bike baby carrier or trailer we are we bitching about stupid things

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