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BMORC Rake & Ride - The Oaks

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By ChopStiR - Posted on 12 April 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
Sunday, 25 May, 2014 - 09:00
6 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
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The Oaks
Meeting Point: 

We will be meeting and parking cars at the Glenbrook Helipad. (Not to be confused with the Mid Oaks Helipad)
At the Toll booth let them know you are volunteering with the Mtb track Maintenance. Follow the road across the causeway and up the other side. Continue past the Euroka and Mt Portal turn off. In roughly 50m Turn Rright onto the Helipad access firetrail. Most commmonly the gate here would be closed but will be open for us on the day.
If by chance you are running late, the gate for the Glenbrook Helipad firetrail may be closed in a dummy lock position. Slide the gate open for entry and slide back once through. If you intend on parking anywhere else in the park other than the helipad, you will be required to purchase a day pass from the toll booth and have it displayed in the vehicle.

Oaks Maintenance day meeting spot map


Open invitation to everyone!!! This is your exclusive ticket to ride the trail before it opens.

With the track nearing completion and getting ready for an opening, we will be doing a bit of a tidy up spending a couple of hours with the rake, So bring one if you got one. After the tidy up, the trail is going to need some bedding in.

On the day, Synergy will be filming a promo video.

They want all skill levels of riders on the day. They want to see Kids, Weekend warriors, Women and Elites. They want to show this trail can cater for a large range of skill levels.

National Parks will be supplying lunch. If you have a certain dietary requirement such as vegetarian please let us know.
A head count for food will be taken from the below who have informed us they're intent to come. If you are unable to click the Im coming button below for what ever reason but are still coming, you can email us at to let us know so we can include you in the head count for lunch.

Who's in?
Andy Bloot, sykesey, Nerf Herder, The Brown Hornet, Chuck, ChopStiR, Ian_A, Andrei74, Vinno, cartman, trim, J the B, deadparrot, carlflorido, mrptl, Butts, DigDig, Pickel246, comm, Disassembled, miggle, Kevin de Brus, Orange_Pete, trickydavo, Zenith, Tyran, happyhippo33, AlexWheeler, Gumby1, Garbo, hawkn1k, philippe03, mbutters (33 riders)
Andy Bloot sykesey Nerf Herder The Brown Hornet Chuck ChopStiR Ian_A Andrei74 Vinno cartman trim J the B deadparrot carlflorido mrptl Butts DigDig Pickel246 comm Disassembled miggle Kevin de Brus Orange_Pete trickydavo Zenith Tyran happyhippo33 AlexWheeler Gumby1 Garbo hawkn1k philippe03 mbutters
What Happened?

Were you there and have a story to tell?

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Additional information added to the meeting location.

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Thanks to Grant S at TRAILFLIX for promoting this one too.

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Sorry guys, I have been placed on a course for work and will have to travel on that Sunday. Wish I could have been there seeing as I didn't go to the last one. Hope you guys have a great day and enjoy your first test ride of the new track.
P.S. Does anyone know of some MTB trails around the Wagga area?

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has a brilliant 13km XC loop and is well worth a look

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That looks great. Thanks for the link.

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How can we get this onto the home page
Either as an upcoming ride or news
It's hard to find otherwise

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G'day Andy,

I'm not trying to be condescending and want to make sure you can see the link on the homepage. If you can't then we have a problem.

I have had thoughts for changing the homepage around but this is for another discussion.

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Sorry Tim
Am up the coast and on the piss
Must have affected my eye sight
Thanks mate

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Trail is open as of 5pm this afternoon, details available here.

This rake and ride day is going ahead as planned and synergy are still coming out to film their promo video.

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I'm out Sad Bloody nephew's b'day party on Sunday Sad

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Are there any other tools besides rakes that are needed?

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Sorry Tim, can't make it, still got the flipping Man Flu. Not happy that riding is off the radar ATM.

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Sorry guys, can't make it Sunday. Epic OTB at Loftus and I'm off the bike for a while.

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See you next time Gilbo and take care.

Thanks Char, see out and about somewhere soon.

Zenith, just bring your bike and soon skills. Smiling

Good one Gaby, just don't eat to much cake.

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Could anyone give me and my bike a lift from penrith, glenmore park, emu plains area?
New to the area and would really appreciate it


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I can help you out Tyran. I live in Kingswood.

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Look after yourself Gilbo. Are you off the commuter too?

Tyran's picture

Cheers ChopstiR, just sent you a text

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A guy on Rotorburn has asked if the gates to the national park will be open any earlier than the usual time?

His plan is to park car inside national park, climb up gully with fresh legs and catch the 7:52am train from glenbrook to woodford... is that possible?

Anyone able to help?

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Hey Trim, yeah no riding at all for 8 weeks. Broke a couple of bones in my right hand Sad

Andy Bloot's picture

8 weeks!
Are you in a cast

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still coming just will be a little late.

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Cheers to everyone that came today. Was a great day of riding.

I have added a selection of photos to the gallery showcasing the variety of skill levels that was seen riding the new single track today.

I have also uploaded all the photos I took today to my Photobucket Account in full resolution. Unfortunately, I'm a novice photographer with only a smart phone so there are quite a few out of focus or poorly positioned/timed photos. But feel free to go through them and save them for personal use. For all non personal use, please seek my permission first.

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Yes, an awesome turn out. Except for the fact that I turned up to a bike ride...without a bike. What a loser!

It was good to see the gang and meet a bunch of new folk.

Well done to NPWS for having the balls to step outside of the box as far as catering for the future of recreational park use. (Unlike another track and group of people not far from the NP that is still waiting to be completed.)

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It was a busy day at to say the least. I turned up at lunch, had a good chat to National parks (Scott) about the track and park projects. Went out again later on the tandem with Stokes, the B line being very rideable. Stopped to turn a dually into a single speed as a rider snapped his rear D on the first jump. Herd a crack in the distance finding him on the trackside with D detached. Was a fun couple of laps. I will be sending feedback to national parks, positive of course.

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Was just about to add a reminder about the feedback, very important. Please note that the slips handed out are missing the .au in the email lol.

I have also created a post with ideas and suggestions for the feedback emails that would prove to be very beneficial.

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Great day out on the bike(shame the digging was all done Smiling ). It was really good to catch up with so many on the same ride. Lots of regulars and new faces too.

Thanks to everyone who helped Timmy and I promote the day. Bloot, Wes(Balckmans), Big Dog(Panther Cycles) to name a few and any one else I might have missed. Your support was really appreciated.

Big thanks to Scott and team from NPWS and Adrian from Synergy Trails for putting on a day like today and really listening to the riders feedback from the beginning. Bonus points for the BBQ too.

Here's a few more photos from today.

Remember to send in your feedback as it's really important for the future.

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Well said Chuck. Is there a special feedback link/site we should use?

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Glad you asked Trim, just head over here

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Big Thanks to Chuck and Tim for keeping up the contact with NPWS, for their countless hours going over stuff and letting all those slightly disconnected remain connected with it all.

Opened my eyes to trail grading and I reckon it was spot on being blue. Michele struggled with it all, but the kids did awesome.

My only real feedback is that the rock bridge would be sooo nice slightly more banked, but what a great bit of work. Hopefully the track gets a bit of rain over the next few days

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