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Not as fast as I expected

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By obmal - Posted on 04 May 2014

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Convict 100 2014
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100km Male Veteran

I really like the Dirtworks/Convict race for a number of reasons, the spectacular scenery, the course (no matter how many times you ride it, there's some pain in them hills) and its the race that I use to motivate my rides and fitness for the start of the year.

Started in the first bunch this year, first time in the first bunch for me and nearly got caught up in a couple surging peloton nearly stacks, too many roadies in this group perhaps that cant negotiate gravel? Oh well overall pace to the first climb was quick enough, was going to try to ride the first hill but a few in front stopped early and then it was walking for me.

Held a steady pace through to the halfway feed zone, I notice that the Hardtail isn't exactly the flow machine it used to be through the rough stuff this year and after a short stop I'm off through to the GNR.

Nothing eventful through GNR, hardtail isnt a ball of fun and I'm fighting with it most of the way.

Walked the canoe bridge this year as I did not have my keys and phone in a waterproof case (forgot to bring one..) and with the wind howling in from the side it looked kinda sketchy riding it.

Worked with a few riders (two first place getters in their categories) on the road and made good time through to the range.

Climbing up through the range I started to get real sore, neck, hands and some cramps thrown in for fun.. I knew I was slowing but thought that I could still smash the last 20K's to make up time.. Never happened and I pretty much struggled across the line well short of what I was expecting with a 5:21:56. slower than last year! that time was not exactly how I had planned it.

Perhaps it was the week off the bike or the 2 hours sleep I had Friday night? Or it was too many long road rides and not enough MTB?

Anyhow no injuries, a beer at the end to help fix the aches and all in all it turned out to be a nice day for a MTB ride considering the weather predictions.

I will be bringing out the suspension for next year.

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The surges on the first road section are so annoying, it seems anywhere from about 20th wheel back in the waves and you're going to get stuck. Also, the first hill is silly, I know it always happens, but I'm sure it is pretty rideable if you're at the front and don't get stopped. I was towards the back of wave 1 and the first hill was so bad the people were getting off before we even started the climb. Maybe he waves should be size restricted to say 50 riders?

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