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Convict 100km - My first Ever DNF :-(

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By Chitts - Posted on 06 May 2014

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Convict 100 2014
Did not finish
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100km Male Masters

I arrived at Minter's house at 5pm on Friday where a take-away dinner of spaghetti and meatballs was waiting for me. We loaded the car and headed off into the peak Sydney traffic, chatting and laughing away and sharing memories from both our younger years and friendship we have developed over the past 4 years.

Some mates had kept us a camping spot and had the fire going, and soon we were tucking into Dorito's, chocolate brownies, and caramel koala's.....and talking a whole heap of shite.

The race started off well and as others have said, the section before the first hill felt like a base ride and I was in my element....this was my kind of pace.....and I was keeping up there with the leaders Smiling

We hit the first hill and and some f-witt a few places in front of me didn't make the climb and caused a bit of a pile-up/traffic jam (I now know the f-witt was Tristan Eye-wink). Mike (Blades_Utd) was a few bikes in front of me and managed to put some more distance on me before I managed to get going again....bugger....I had plans for him to tow me most the race (he is one of the nicest blokes you could ever meet and while not expressly agreed, this seamed reasonable too me).

I soldiered on with a few other guys but then at around 20km I got a puncture in my rear tire (sidewall). I resealed it, shouted out a number of expletives and headed off.... and about 5 minutes later, it was flat again. I used my 2nd air canister and tried again, but 5 or so minutes later it was down again. I then put in my tube and had to flag someone down and beg for a canister. Soon I was on my way again, but got another TWO punctures which required me to again shout out to people for a tube/pump/air canister. When I eventually punctured the 3rd tube half way down Shepherds gully, I didn't even try flag someone down, but just walked the rest of the way back to the road and got a lift back to St Albans in one of the fire vehicles. I decided 6 punctures was enough for me and pulled out Sad

Lesson learned are use a heavier duty tire for a race like that, and carry a pump and one air canister rather than 2 canisters.

A very disappointing day as I was feeling and riding well, but that is life and that is racing and there is no point in crying over spilled milk. I did however take an axe and chop up the offending tire into lots of little pieces Eye-wink

The positive was to focus on the excellent achievements of my riding buddies and live vicariously through them Smiling

Minter’s result was incredible 1st in the non-elite’s with a sub-4 hours and 12 minutes behind the winning elite (Cory Wallace), and only about 5 minutes behind Jason English. You also need to factor in that the elites get a bottle drop at the water points where Minter had to stop, refill etc. I was very impressed/proud/etc.

Paris also had a great result coming in 3rd overall and first in category, despite having been off the bike for a while after a nasty fall at the Wombat.

Mike's result was fantastic coming in 10th of the non-elite' really shows the benefit of training with high caliber individuals like myself (and Minter I guess).

In the words of big Arny...."I'll be Back"

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Man I would've given up long before then Ian. I remember passing you at the 20km mark. When I saw the jersey I initially thought you were Minter as I passed. It was only from chatting to you at the finish you put me straight. I should've realised at the time, as you are far too good looking to be that ugly Warthog Eye-wink lol

See you next time fella

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Glad to know that holding you up five seconds on the climb wasn't the reason for you pulling out;). BTW, though I think it was due to a rider in front of me that made me stumble which made me the scapegoat. Didn't realize it caused such a big backlog! Domino effect!
But six punctures is unbelievable - I remember a similar thing happened to me on a road group ride and it was the pits. Glad you somehow made it back and hope this remains your only DNF!

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@ Phil.....While I applaud the insult to Minter, the truth is that on Joberg2C, we were asked by at least 10 different people if we are brothers, so I can't knock his looks as much as I would like Smiling

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1st and hopefully your last ever DNF.
I reckon you would have gone alright too without all those punctures testing your patience! Consider it a learning experience, you'll be back and up there at the pointy end soon enough.

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I enjoyed the read, maybe it was karma for deciding to let Mike tow you along Eye-wink

That is just pure unlucky though, see you in the lift/IGA/road/mtb soon.

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6 punctures and we don't have any thorns Eye-wink. One thing about the DNF is it will make you hungrier for next year.

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.....the arrival of baby no 3 in the household. That may have been my last race ever Eye-wink
or perhaps I will need to start entering the 50km races.

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.....does that mean you boys are returning to South Africa next year to conquer the Epic?

Did you hear much about the Bridge Cape Pioneer while you were there from any of the locals? It is a relatively new race but has been granted UCI race status for 2014.

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#3 are you mad?

PS Congratulations

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....Mate, my wife is mad, and I am powerless.

Anyone looking to buy some small sized MTB's? No Jokes!!

26 inch Scott Spark 10 (XTR)
Giant Anthem 29'er
Giant XTC Carbon 29er hardtail are all up for grabs. The Epic stays!!

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No I hadn't heard about it until Mike sent me the link. The guy at the bike shop said there is now so much racing over there you could do a stage race or marathon every week.

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I have a mate who might be keen on the small anthem, pm me the details

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