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new to the mountains

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By azza1690 - Posted on 12 May 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

hey everyone i have just moved to the mountians from queensland, looking for some more downhill and flow tracks around the mountains and maybe some people to show me some and to ride with? thanks in adavance. Aaran

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Where abouts in the mountains?

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katoomba area

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Lots of stuff around but much of it kept on the quiet

Keep your eye out for ride meetings at scribblies. Bit more XC but very fun with some great downward trending sections with a surprisingly easy climb out

If you look at the ride section of the we page
The mt York trails are worth a visit
And there is plenty of stuff at lithgow. Look at the hassans walls and newnes plateau areas under central west ranges.

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Bikeminded at Wentworth Falls do a weekly shop ride on a Wednesday. Road one week and MTb the next. They''ll be able to show you some of the mountains trails, plus they're a friendly bunch to ride with.

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