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Rock Shox weights?

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By GAZZA - Posted on 06 June 2014

Ok, I'm selling my Scalpel 29er ( classified to come soon )
And am building up a new bike with a "normal" fork.
I've set my mind on a 2014 Sid XX 29er but have realised there's the World Cup version at around $200 extra.
I know its got a carbon steerer, it's got the same internals I think?
Does anyone know exact weights of both these forks?
If the weight advantage is negligible then I won't ( 'scuse the pun ) Fork out the extra cash for the World Cup version and stick with the Xx.
I'm not one for scouring the net for info on this sort of stuff but I know there's a few on here that could possibly help?
Cheers in advance,

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XX WC 1572g (15mm maxle) v 1633g

$200 for 61 grams. Pay me $200 and I'll make you lose more than 61 grams.

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I'll put a little less latex in the tyres and take a drink from the water bottle!
Guess I'm going the alloy steerer?
Thanks for the numbers!

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I think you need to add 87g for the maxle to that 1633 bringing the total weight of the SID XX up to 1720.

All specs are here Gaz -

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I think cryline already took the additioanl 87gms into account in his calulations.

Otherwise your numbers are getting pretty chunky for a light weight xc fork

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According to the Rockshox site the 1633 assumes 9mm QR.

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