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Are you riding tomorrow?

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By christine - Posted on 25 July 2014

...if so, and you are around Terrey Hills, Duffys Forest, Belrose or Oxford Falls please can you keep your eye out for a missing horse?
It's grey with a black mane and tail and wearing purple tack.
He went missing this morning from Duffys Forest public arena, they have looked all day but not found him.
A search party will be gathering at 8am at Anembo Road of walkers and bike riders (you are welcome to join) to try and find him.
If you DO see him, please just stop, get off your bike and talk to him in a normal voice and walk up to him slowly to get his reins (presuming he still has them)... Don't creep though! He's IS tame!
DoNT shout, run or wave your hands and be dramatic!
You can text me on 0414 534 141 and we can come and save you from him!
He's not my horse but I'd be hysterical if he was.

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Good luck.

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Despite loads of people looking all day today.

They are sending out search parties tomorrow so expect to see more horse riders than usual, including the st Ives sniggle... Please call out to riders so they know you are coming, and slow down!

Again, please keep your eyes peeled for this horse. It's most unusual for this to happen.


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... was what the police rang to ask me when Mum reported Dad missing a few yeasrs ago.

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Having the dubious honour of running into a group of horses at night in my car my hope is that the owners etc and other horse people are out on the roads advising all in T/Hills to watch out. Horses do not have night vision ( found out the hard way) and will if spooked run towards a light source which in my case was my headlights - still have the scars some 20 years on and it happened in Belrose. Was like driving the wrong way in the Melb cup!

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Have excellent night vision... Safer riding a horse at night than a bike (vision wise).

The horse isn't racing around in the roads or would have been found. Currently he's believed to be in the bush between Duffys and St Ives (out the back).
Every way to let people be aware has been tried...

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They just found him!

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We were on the look out yesterday, a group of 10 of us rode from St Ives to Perimeter just after 10, but by all accounts, found by then.

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Saw a few other horse and riders as well, it was a great day for being outdoors.

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