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Slow ring circus

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By Lach - Posted on 27 July 2014

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3 Ring Circus 2014
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Supermasters Male 50-59
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First race after 2 months overseas without a bike and a couple of weeks recovering from manflu when I got back, so a fair bit underdone and even more overweight than usual. Enjoyed the single track as always (although there are some narrow tree gaps for a big bloke on a big bike), but will have to go back for a clean run at the main new bit, as it was a traffic jam. Could do with a few less km's hauling my carcass up all those fire trail hills however.....
Followed a tandem through quite a bit of the sniggle on the red loop - that couple were amazing, especially the pilot's ability to get through those tree gaps on corners without wiping out his stoker!
Slower than last year and 4 positions down in category. Interesting that there was one more supermasters participant than last year, but 120 less participants overall.

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I've come home without handle-bar end plugs on each side of my bars - the narrow gaps between trees claimed them!
I can imagine the traffic jams on that new ST section. It was bad enough in our small group! Lord knows how it will work for the Fling (when they start the Elite wave behind the main race!).

Anyway - well done for getting out there, Man-flu and a few extra kegs - character building stuff!

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