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By Tristania - Posted on 30 July 2014

From SNORC president, may be worth getting involved in for the new opening of Old Man's Valley. May be worthwhile to think about volunteering, particularly for those who have regularly competed but have yet to be at the "other side" of the race.

"Hi Guys,

This little but broad group email is to kick off a bit of discussion and idea gathering for an upcoming event.

Things are going ok with trying to get a race/event going later this year. The loose plan is a cyclocross event and a mtb event - on the same day followed by a BBQ and prizes. These events will form a “celebration day” and would replace the formal opening. These will also be test events for a big bike festival in 2015 which will be big (road criterion , mtb, cyclocross, demos, cycling movies under the stars - very romantic). 2015 may also include an urban / bush polarise type regaining event which Craig plans to start working on.

I am putting the call out to the club to get some volunteers to help plan and run the events (we will try and start smallish so its not too much of a burden on anyone). Tristan (subject to his schedule) and Lauren have put their hand up to help this far (included in this email). I am sure we will get some more as well.

I am also looking for someone to help with applying for some grants. If this is your cup of tea then let me know and we can talk about applying for one with Council and one from the Bicycle network (see email below). We might be able to get some timing transponders etc.

Organising events is not my strength and I also need to focus on advocacy and trail access issues and so for it to happen we need a group to work on it. I know Craig has skills and will help drive it but hopefully some people keen on running races will step to the for and have fun with it. So let me know if you can help out or know someone who will.

Please let me know your thoughts on what event we could run. A group will need to get together with Alan Miller to map out where the race track will go and see if the two could run together. If its too difficult then we will do them separately. Alan will start the ball rolling with the cyclocross course.

Also, we might be able to talk about it this Saturday if any of you are coming along to the maintenance day. I will be there from 2PM.

Alan will be the brains behind the cyclocross course but we will need to work out the best mtb event for the day. Let me know your thoughts. If the test event goes okay then it might open the door to a monthly Friday twilight dirt crit. series.

Here are some ideas and I would welcome feedback. I am just brain storming. Please send back thoughts.

Saturday afternoon - 2PM like maintenance days (or if daylight saving a Friday gathering form 6 till 8 could also be possible).
Date - not sure but maybe October or November.
The race uses a timed downhill section followed by a ride back up to the start that is untimed (but there is a time limit to get back).
Perhaps we take the best of three runs?? - depending on how many people are racing.

or - an XC eliminator series on a short course (probably clashes with cyclocross though)

The above could use part of the trails and a section could remain open to the public.

To race people would need to be MTBA members or fill out day licenses.


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