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Trans Blue Mountains Trail - Lower Blue Mountains Zig Zag to Wolgan Valley and Mudgee

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By BikePhysio - Posted on 02 August 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

The Upper Mountains Trail Beside Rail advocacy was commenced by me in 1998 and I have been committed to ever since. The original group were some firies from Katoomba and some climbers from Blackheath, as well as Kevin from the old bike store in Katoomba. Back then we managed to get it into the council's original bike plan, after collecting 1000 signatures on a petition, and they have managed to get Greenway funding for feasibility studies and engineering survey projects since then. Lis Bastion and Richard Delaney were involved for a short period of time in the mid 2000’s .

I've noted the Wolgan Valley rail trail and have promoted it on the facebook page. Great idea. I rode it several times back in the 1990's and I think it is fantastic. It also looks like a pretty simple project in terms of land access? Not sure how expensive it would be to rebuild the bridges? After the northern rivers trail victory in the NSW budget we should all be heartened by the general political upswing in cycling interest. I’ve also noted that you guys were crucial in the resurrection of Knapsack Gully. Well done. Looks like you had many hours of enjoyment with BMCC!!!!

We believe that together with the Sydney Basin track network, Lapstone Zig Zag , Oaks, Anderson’s, Upper Blue Mountains Trail beside Rail and Wolgan Valley Rail Trail a Trans Mountains Trail could be promoted as a Manly to Mudgee trail, if the trail across to Glen Davis, via the Crown and Patone could also be opened. Such a vision could appeal to pollies at the highest level and would us an international cycling destination.

Presently, we've been involved with promoting the funding of a bike track as part of the highway upgrade. We used the original petition and a new one which is online as well as facebook 'likes'. We're just in the process of completing a submission with evidence and stats, where we are waiting for ABS data before presenting to NSW GOV. Taking an economic development/tourism, health and environmental angle. 32 pages so far. Doing this together with Hereward Dundas Taylor and Jenny Coppoc. Hereward is going to try and coordinate all the various segregated interest groups.
Have you seen our online petition, facebook and websites? Here are the links
See the latest from the Gazette (July 2014)

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What's the status of the trail between Pantoney's Crown and Glen Davis, does it exist already but without recognition? I've been looking at ways to get up there from the Capertee Valley, across the western end and thought the only access at the Glen Davis end was for walkers.

Do you have any maps posted on-line of the proposed trail route? I couldn't see anything in the links you posted.



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Last I heard about Glen Davis was it went through private property and the owner was none too pleased about 4wds bashing down his gates so he doesn't want anyone there regardless of what they are riding/ driving. That was a few years ago but I think it still stands.
I'm from the Lithgow end and would love to see something like this go ahead though.

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