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Stolen Bikes

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By GAZZA - Posted on 04 August 2014

Three bikes were stolen last night from the back of a friends car on Avalon.
What's really bad is two of them were only a week old as my friends had only just decided to get back into Mtb.
The two new bikes were Black Scott Genius 740s which I believe are 650b
The third was a White Cannondale Taurine which is an older but still very nice 26inch bike.
They weren't insured yet so the owners are really spewing.
Just thought I'd put it out there in case anyone sees or hears something?

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What a blow!
I don't doubt that most of us feel your friend's pain.
But I suspect that, same as me, many may also be thinking: "I wonder how they were secured? I wonder if they were secured in the same way as mine? and whether I should be looking at a more thief-proof method as they've obviously found a way around that one?"
Part of mtbing also includes leaving your bike unattended in public places, and it's real worry.
Could we hear from those who have had that unfortunate experience and may be able to share their stories with a view to better understand which systems really secure bikes and which look like they do but are easily breached by these mongrels.

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My experience indicates that just locking the bike to the bike rack, or having the standard bike locks on some racks (e.g. Thule) just isn't enough if you have expensive bikes. When going anywhere that I may have to leave the bike unattended on the bike rack I do the following.

The bike rack is always padlocked to the car by a lock that is very difficult to cut. It has a very short pin that is just wide enough to go through the bolt that locks the carrier to the car. The bike rack is a Grip Sport – or if you are a Dhiller

I then have a motorcycle wire lock (Master Lock Python) that is a few feet long. It passes through the front wheel, frame and rear wheel (they can't remove the QR wheels Smiling). It also passes through the bike carrier (which is locked to the car) so unless they have some very heavy bolt cutters (that will cut stranded wire), everything is very hard to remove - unless they steal the car Sad, which the dealers claim is 'unstealable'. It is long enough to handle multiple bikes depending on the bike rack. Heres are the details:

In a dodgy area (Midland/Guildford for example) I may put an Xena Alarm on the front disc. Anyone messing with the bike sets off the alarm. You should remember to turn the disc lock alarm off when you drive away as this sets the alarm off – embarrassing. There are other makes:

The above are all available from good motorcycle shops or online.

Some people consider this to be over the top, but I've experienced the attempted theft of the bike and the bike rack! It is far better IMO to spend the Dollars on the above than spend $2000 on insurance (yes that was the quote on a $10,000 bike!!!)

PS: Al Not forgotten your jersey - just not been to Perth Sad

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In the North Shore times a few weeks back was a story in the crime section which takes the cake....a guy was taking nature photo's and left his bike on the side of a St Ives track - came back and exxy bike was gone????

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A Bidwill man, 18, has been charged with having goods suspected of being stolen after he was pulled over by police in Brookvale at 3am on Thursday. Police in an unmarked police car saw a car speeding through Dee Why
and followed it to Brookvale, where they signalled the driver to pull over in Pine Place. The police allegedly found two sports bicycles, tools and screwdrivers in the rear of the car and in the boot, a Giant mountain bike frame, a Polygon racing bike frame, two Kenda mountain bike wheels, two Ksyrium and one Shimano racing bike wheel.

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Sorry about the loss.

If your bikes were inside your car and have comprehensive insurance, you may make a claim. Again, report to police with frame number. Took 3 bikes in one go...

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Oldernslower, that does seem a bit OTT to me, if someone wants to have a crack at stealing your bike, the damage to your car would be massive.

I've insured my bike as an itemised er, item and it didn't make much difference to the premium. I don't leave it unattended while out on the trails and when it's on the car, the bike is locked to the rack, whick is locked to the rails, which are locked to the car (Thule style system).

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Probably you don't want to watch this but so you are aware that even with a locked thule systems is possible

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Can't ride a bike for s#%t either!!

Scumbags the lot of them

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Im glad when I go to the trails my bike is locked in the back of my ute , they would hace to smash the glass on the canopy to get my bike out which is dark tinted and very hard to see in .

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