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SCOTT24 Entries Down

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I got a feeling it started last year, felt like a lot less participants last year but this year with the move of the Mont having two 24hr within weeks is most probably hurting the Scott race.

Personally, this will be the first year I don't do Scott 24 since 2007 for reasons other than being injured.

I hope it will rebound and we'll have a huge event again 2015.

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I did the Scott in 2010 and 2011 which were probably it’s two busiest years, and Mont in 2012 and 2013 which was sold out I think. The Scott is great but:

It takes a whole weekend
It’s usually cold, and if it rains it’s a nightmare
Riding at 3am and 0degC is a novelty that you only want to do once or twice
Maybe going back to one big 20km lap instead of the figure 8 one is best, few people I know whinge that only riding half the track is stupid.
Lots more climbing than where the Mont is

24hr racing has probably peaked, i’d much rather do a 100km race or something that only takes a day, and you get the same amount of riding in as if you were in a team of 4 in a 24hr.Also doesn’t help that my riding buddies can’t be stuff doing something like this and are happy to ride for a couple of hours on Saturday morning to satisfy their riding craving.

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Yeah, the Mont in 2012 was almost my last. 4am at 1 degree C was not enjoyable. Sharing the suffering in the dark with a bonked singlespeeder was ... erm ... memorable.

2013 was much better. Smiling

You're right about the marketplace being crowded these days.

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No doubt the rescheduled mont has hurt the Scott. And yes the marketplace is pretty busy. But.
Well organised, well communicated and well run events soon become well patronised. IMHO
LikE @ants said in regards to the mogo race. Riders need to plan their year. Easy? Not really. Not with the poor communication / marketing of some events. There was once a time you could bank on the biggies. Mont for late march/April. Convict for may, 3 rings, husky, kowalski (newish) Scott 24 then the fling. Spoilt for choice really. The above named are usually a must do for all up n coming riders. A right if passage.
Then there's everything else in between. Chocolate foot series, 7/12/24 races, jet black... Great for the really committed.
I'm sure that the Scott 24 will struggle this year. But next year if all else goes to plan, they'll have a great event.

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If each Rider has about 2-4 years of "keenness" for riding 24hr team stuff then the number of people who are newly getting into the sport are not going to fill the spots of the people who have literally seen it all and bought the T shirt so events like this will slowly dwindle in popularity.
Excuse the way I'm explaining this but I'm recovering from the worst manflu and have had a couple of beers!
I'm sure you catch my drift?
I did 4-6 years of 24hr stuff and got podiums on most occasions but now the thought of it puts me off Mountain Biking!
I can see more value and fun in a relaxed team who get drunk at night and miss laps etc!

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