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Wanted: 26inch tubeless tyres

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By Warthog - Posted on 21 August 2014

Looking for a good second hand or new tyre tubeless 26inch tyre. Preferably something like a Racing Ralph, Crossmark. Weight is not much of a consideration but it needs to roll as will be running on the rear.

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Hey dude... think I've got a few lying around. How many you want? Are you able to bring your beer/beer voucher offerings to St Leonards and collect? Eye-wink

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I really hope they are heavy! Eye-wink

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Just looking for one tyre preferably new or in very good condition. What have you got?

Cheers and thanks mate

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Used? Think I've got a Crossmark, Ignitor and a Nevegal at least. All 2.1-ish. There's probably more but seeing as you ask for a Crossmark...

I've got some real heavy ass 2.35's if you want. Great grip! Laughing out loud Eye-wink

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But someone has a new tyre at a good price so going to take that. Cheers

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