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Single tracked out...

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By Lach - Posted on 21 September 2014

Re: This ride meeting: 
Kowalski Classic 2014
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50KM/Super Masters Male
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Loved the track, apart from the two ascents of seismic hill, and loved that the track was dry this year after getting bogged often last year. Better time than last year (shorter / faster track?), but drifted significantly in the overall and super masters rankings.
Had a brief stop to tighten a bar clamp that had loosened from a clumsy rebuild earlier in the week, a detour onto some extra single track while following a small train (I thought some folk had taken a short cut up a fire road, but it seems I and a few others took the longer single track ascent) and a few moments of poor cornering, but otherwise uneventful.
Looking forward to hitting grand masters next year, all these young super masters are getting the better of me.... Smiling

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Well done. All the age categories are getting faster every year. The winner of the Half Super Masters was 20th overall which is pretty crazy.

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