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NEW single track at Wingello

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By CB - Posted on 25 September 2014

Hey Guys

I've seen some comments about new(ish) single track in Wingello forest. I haven't been down to Wingello for about 9 months but I'm hoping to head down there next week. Could anyone give me an idea of where the new stuff is.... is it signposted.... is it any good.... difficulty level.... map...

Thanks in advance!


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If you do the red loop following the arrows, you'll come across it. There's new bits all the way round so the amount of fire trail is much less but total distance is still around 25 km.

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Hello stranger, where you been?

Welcome back Smiling

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Hey Hawkeye

You know how sometimes how life gets in the way of the important stuff !

I've been off the bike for a little while but getting back into it again now. got to try and drop a load of weight and gain a little fitness before the Mont.....

Are you heading down for it this time ?


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Forgot to say Thanks Pete.

Thanks Pete !


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No Mont this year, the dates conflict with another commitment, but looking forward to 2015's. Smiling

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