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Brand new Garmin 510 issues

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By GAZZA - Posted on 09 November 2014

I bought a new Garmin 510 yesterday for the Fling. Charged it fully and used it for the race today for the first time.
After about 4hrs it went blank and I thought it might have run out of battery being the first charge and all that.
When I got it home I realised it's beeping every 5seconds and I've put it back on charge, pressed all buttons in different sequences and nothings happening. It's still blank and it's still beeping.
Anyone heard of this before and know what to do before I take it back to the shop tomorrow?
BTW, The Fling this year, with the warm weather, me being slightly under trained and a new course with more more single track and more climbing was absolutely brutal!!!
My hardest ever Fling!

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Maybe try a master reset?

To perform the master reset:

Power device off
Press and hold Lap and Start/Stop
Power device on while still holding both buttons
Continue holding buttons when the Garmin “splash” screen appears
Release buttons when Garmin “splash” screen disappears

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I got a 510 a few months back and it froze on its first use as well. Don't remember it beeping though.

From memory it just shut itself down or the battery went flat, either way it then came good - no problems since then.

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Still not working!
Cheers for the advice anyway

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I've got a garmin 500 with almost similar problem but after updating, it seems to working fine.

Hope this helps.

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I took it back to the shop today so I'm waiting for a new replacement.
I've still got my old 500 to use in the meantime.
I would feel completely lost ( not literally ) riding without a gps these days!

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